Biography of General Muhammadu Buhari

Who is General Muhammadu Buhari?

General Muhammadu Buhari is a Nigerian politician and a military leader. He served as the military head of state in Nigeria between 1983 and 1985. And in a democratic election held in 2015, he was elected as the president of the country Nigeria.

He was a former Minister of petroleum and a one-time governor of the Northeastern state (now Borno State).

Muhammadu Buhari’s Early Life

Muhammadu Buhari was born on December 17, 1942, in Daura Village, Katsina state. His father is a Fulani chief called Mallam Haddo, and his mother is named Zulaihat. He is the 23rd and last child of his father.

At age 4, he lost his father, which left him under his mother, Zulaihat. In 1953, he attended Katsina middle school, and from 1956 to 1961; He attended Katsina provincial secondary school. 

General Muhammadu Buhari’s Military Career

In 1962, at age 19, Muhammadu Buhari enrolled in the Nigerian military training college (NTMC) Kaduna. (Now Nigeria Defense Academy). In 1963, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant and assigned a platoon commander of the second infantry Battalion in Abeokuta.

In 1967, he rose to the rank of Brigade major for the 2nd Infantry Brigade. 

In 1975, He was involved in the military coup that forced General Yakubu Gowon out of office. He was then made governor of the then northeastern state, which comprised the entire northeast geo-political zone; this was during the regime of General Murtala Muhammed. 

In 1976, He served as a federal commissioner or minister of petroleum and natural resources under the regime of General Olusegun Obasanjo, shortly after the assassination of General Murtala Mouhammed.

In 1977, before the military handover, Buhari was transferred back to the Nigerian army headquarters, where he was the Military Secretary and a member of the Supreme Military Council. 

While in office, Brigadier Buhari pursued and obtained a master’s degree in strategic studies from the US Army college in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. 

In 1979, Brigadier Buhari became the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 4th Infantry Division.

In 1981, he moved to Ibadan as the GOC 2nd mechanized Infantry Division and Jos as GOC 3rd Armor Division of the Nigerian Army in 1983.  

Muhammadu Buhari has a good record of being a good soldier, disciplined, honest, committed, and a man of his word. His colleagues chose him as the ideal person to become the head of state in December 1983.

He was then forced out of the position during the coup of August 1985, and Major General Ibrahim Babangida took over. After which, he was imprisoned in Benin city and released at the end of 1988.

As a pensioner in his early forties, Buhari went into full-time farming and rearing cattle.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s Political Career and life as a civilian

After almost a decade in retirement, Muhammadu Buhari was invited back into public life to lead the petroleum trust fund PTF. Because of his exceptional performance as the PTF leader, his team convinced him of his electoral value and the need to join politics in April 2002.

Muhammadu Buhari then joined the All People’s Party (APP), later changed to All Nigeria’s People Party (ANPP). He won the party’s presidential ticket and ran for the presidency in 2003 but lost to Olusegun Obasanjo. Buhari contested again in 2007 and still lost to Umaru Musa Yar’adua. In 2011, He ran for the presidency for the third time but still lost to Goodluck Jonathan.

In 2015, not giving up, Under the All Progressives Congress (APC, former ANPP), Buhari went in for the presidency. This time, he won the election. And he got to lead the country for the second time, but now under a civilian government. 

Muhammadu Buhari Education History

1955- Central Primary school Daura

1961- Katsina Provincial Secondary School

1961- Nigerian Military Training College Kaduna

1963- Officer Cadet, Aldershot England

1963- Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant

1964- Platoon Commander’s Course Nigeria Military College, Kaduna

1964- Mechanical Transport Officer’s course, Army Mechanical Transport School, Borden, United Kingdom.

1973- Defense Staff College, Wellington, India

1980- Masters Degree (Strategic Studies) US Army War College Carlisle, Pennsylvania United States

Muhammadu Buhari’s family and Personal Life

In 1971, Muhammadu Buhari married his first wife, Safinatu Yusuf. She became the first lady when he served as a military head of state. The marriage is blessed with five children, Zulaihat (deceased), Fatima, Musa (deceased), Hadiza, and Safina. In 1988, his marriage to Safinatu ended. Safina later died from diabetes in 2012.

In 1989, Buhari got married for the second time to Aisha Buhari. The marriage is also blessed with five children, namely Aisha, Halima, Yusuf, Zahra, and Amina.

President Muhammadu Buhari Net worth

Buhari declared his assets in 2015. It includes $150,000 in cash, five homes, two mud houses, farms, an orchard, and a ranch of 270 head of cattle, 25 sheep, five horses and a variety of birds, shares in three firms, two undeveloped plots of land, and two cars bought from his savings. 

10 Commanding and Inspirational Quotes by General Muhammadu Buhari

“It is our responsibility to ensure Nigeria’s infrastructure is fixed; we will keep doing this.”

“Nigeria needs stricter laws to protect girls and women from abuse.”

“As we push to diversify the economy, we still remain focused on optimizing the revenues generated from oil and gas.”

“We must domesticate our policies to reflect our local realities.”

“…it is important to make it clear that Nigeria can only truly move forward with homegrown solutions.”

“It is our collective responsibility to ensure that we provide adequate resources to meet the basic needs of our teeming youth.”

“Together, we can overcome corruption and will no longer be a country defined by corruption.”

“To bring about change, we must change ourselves by being law-abiding citizens.”

“Those who embezzle public funds should be ready to face the consequences.” 

“I belong to everybody, and I belong to nobody.”

Awards received by Muhammadu Buhari

▪ Investiture as Grand Patron of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering, 2015

▪ CAF Platinum Award, Glo-CAF Award, 2016

▪ Polio Champion Award, Rotary International, 2018

▪ He was Awarded in Recognition of his sterling leadership qualities, Progressive Governors Forum Award, 2019

▪ Grand Patron of the Nigerian Media Merit Award by the Board of Trustees of the Prime Media Awards, 2019

▪ The Grand Order of the Knighthood of Venerable Order of the Pioneers, Republic of Liberia’s highest national honour in Monrovia, 2019

▪ Grand commander of the federal republic of Nigeria (GCFR)

▪ Congo Medal (CM)

▪ Forces Service Star (FSS)

▪ General Service Medal (GSM)

▪ Global seal of Integrity (GSOI)

▪ Loyal Service and Good Conduct Medal (LSGCM)

▪ National Service Medal (NSM)

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