The Nigerian Senate and its Senators

The senate is the upper house of the legislative branch in Nigeria, consisting of 109 members. The senate consists of three senators from each state and one from the capital region of Abuja. Senators serve a term of four years.

To Become a Nigerian Senator, you must have the following Qualifications: Must be a citizen of Nigeria At least 30 years old No dual nationality (must renounce any other citizenship) Resident of the state for which selected (but must not hold any public office or party position or be on active military duty).

The senate of Nigeria has the Powers to;

– Carry out Legislative duties (makes laws)

– Have official impeachments

– Jointly exercises “legislative powers” with the House of Representatives by considering bills that have been passed by the lower house

– Override presidential vetoes through a two-thirds majority vote.

The Nigerian senate is led by the senate president, who

– Override vetoes on bills passed by House of Representatives (they vote on bills before passing it to The President for assent)

– Holds joint session with house of representatives at presidential inauguration

– Has power over senate staff, spending and other affairs. The senate president is elected by senate members from among themselves, presides over senate sessions and signs acts into law.

– Investigates and reviews government activities

– Has no power over executive branch

To impeach a sitting president the senate has to establish that:

– A serious crime has been committed by the president; and

– The senate “shall find” him guilty and then remove him from office.

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